Sheets I recommend

When it comes to the sheets on either my bed or massage table I am picky. I am looking for sturdy, soft, and sustainable. I first started buying bamboo sheets 10 years ago. Over the years I found it harder and harder to find good quality bamboo sheets. They started mixing them with polyester. Or I would feel them and they felt scratchy. So there are 3 brands I currently recommend:

BedVoyage: There are the softest bamboo sheets and what I use on the massage table. They are also expensive. After a year they are wearing great after many washes. They still look brand new! They feel cool t the touch if you overheat in bed easily. So I watch for the sales. At one point they had only white on sale so I bought some natural dyes and tie-dyed them to the color I liked. It was a fun project. I could have just as easily died them all one color. I also enjoy their bamboo towels. Continue reading “Sheets I recommend”

Review: Shaman Shack Herbs

Interview with Rehmannia 

I was honored to have the owner of Shaman Shack Herbs stay at my home while he was in town to give a talk for a raw food event. I have heard him speak twice before and have been inspired by his passion and knowledge. I also loved his book Raw Chi. During his stay I was able to sit him down for a short interview while he was giving me a Traditional Chinese Medicine pulse analysis.  Continue reading “Review: Shaman Shack Herbs”

“Fed Up” Documentary Review

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am a sugar addict. I have been addicted to sugar since the 5th grade if not earlier. For awhile my favorite food was cotton cfedup-fact1--325x325.jpgandy. We as a nation are addicted to sugar.This documentary is about not only about how bad sugar is for us. We already know that. But what the food industry has done to deceive us. Making low fat foods, but doubling the sugar. How we are eating more sugar now than we ever had. We aren’t talking about sugar from healthy foods from fruit. Fruit contains fiber which means is digests in our bodies differently. I have tried many times to give up processed sugar. But it is in everything! When I have succeeded I fell amazing. And most importantly I stop craving sugar. But as soon as I take that first bite, I get pulled right back into the sugar trap.

sugar-addiction-perpetual-cycle-300x240.pngThis documentary follows the changes the food industry and the way we are eating  as a nation. But it also shows how diet and exercise are not the answer to this epidemic. We have fallen into thinking that if we buy low fat foods that we are eating healthier. But what we need to be doing is eating our fruits and vegetables. But this documentary doesn’t just concentrate on what we are eating as adults. But more importantly what we are feeding our kids. How this is affecting them and creating a generation that has diabetes and obesity at a young age. How congress considers pizza a vegetable at school cafeterias. This documentary follows a handful of kids who are struggling with obesity. How they are eating low fat foods and working out but that they still cannot loose weight. My heart goes out to them. I have struggled with weight as an adult, but I cannot imagine how hard that must be like for a child. I really like this documentary  and I recommend that everyone watch it. Even if you already eat healthy, it is important to know what is being done to our children. I took the sugar free fed up challenge…. will you? 

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Review: Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

Joe cross has inspired people from all over the world to get healthy! To start eating their fruit and vegetables and to detox their bodies. I loved his first movie and wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy his 2nd. Thinking there wouldn’t be anything I didn’t know. I was wrong.  In his first movie he follows himself on a 60 day juice fast. Then we watch another man, Phil, to try a 60 day juice fast. I watch this movie every time i do a juice fast because it inspires me. If they can do 60 days then I can do my short goal of 3 days. If you want to watch the 1st movie for free you can go to his website:

Then I bought his 2nd film which talks about the challenges of coming off a detox. The challenges of staying healthy. The point of a detox isn’t to go back to what you were eating before. It’s to cleanse your system and inspire you to start making better choices. In the movie it follows Joe as he is traveling and meeting people he has inspired along the way. He is still off all of his medication. One of the things I liked about watching Joe is that he is a picture of health. Not in the way we are used to looking at health with six pack abs. But i have struggled most of my life because my healthy weight is not what I see on billboards or on TV. My healthy weight is between 140 and 150 for my 5’4″ frame. And when I get there I always feel like I need to look another 20 pounds. In the movie he says he weighs around 240 pounds and stands at 6’2″. He started off at 310 and was able to get down to 210 . But he eats healthy and is active. Plus he is going around the world saving people 1 juice at a time.

BTW- My favorite part of both movies is the adorable cartoons that he has to explain things! 

Click here if want to buy Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead 2 

Review: The Raw Chef

The Raw Chef: How I became a raw food chef

Russell James has to be my favorite Raw Chef! I don’t know if it’s that British accent or his amazing innovative raw recipes. I’m sure it’s the recipes. 😉 But I have his 6 e-books that he sells for $50 and each and every recipe I’ve tried has come out. Or you have the option of buying each e-book individual for $16.  If you are only going to purchase one raw book, please make it his e-books series. There are so many recipes I look at and I know that they are too complicated and I don’t want to spend all day making a recipe. But not his! Some of his recipes require a bit more skill. And if you really want to dive into learning that skill he does have e-courses. I would like to try his chocolate one next year. ( I will update this blog after I’ve completed the course.) He also has a youtube video channel  if you want to check him out in action. In order of my favorites: Continue reading “Review: The Raw Chef”