Master Cleanser Day 1 Detox

Day One Video 

So I tried the master cleanser maybe 6 or 8 years ago. I have tried many different detoxes over the years and it wasn’t my favorite. I felt like I need more nutrients in my body during a detox. Especially more greens. Not just some some spicy lemonade and teas. But recently a friend shared that she learned it was safe to play around a little more in a detox. I believe there is no right detox for everyone. Our bodies and our experiences are all different. So my friend Nicole who swears by the master cleanser and will try nothing else wanted me to do the master cleanser with her. I agreed. I feel like march is a great time for the master cleanser because of citrus being in season. We are able to find pink and meyer lemons at the store.

So we are off! Day one of the detox. Nicole even convinced me to take measurements and pictures. That isn’t something I have ever done on a detox before. My main goal isn’t weight loss. Maybe in the back of my mind it is, but I also know that depending on what I do after the detox is going to decide if it stays off or not. So what are my goals? My goal is to lose 10 pounds of lymphatic bloat in my gut! My lymphatic system is usually a little stagnant. That’s probably why I learn manual lymphatic Drainage massage. To learn how to heal myself. As a massage therapist,  I find I subconsciously learn the techniques I need.

In my expirence, during a detox it is important to not just detox the body, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.To help my body physically detox I will be drinking the spicy lemonade, my shaman shack tea, herbal teas, yoga, skin brushing, and coffee enemas.  To support my emotional detox I will be continuing my warrior goddess training, journaling, and seek out community/ sharing circles. For my spiritual balance I will be doing walking dog  meditation, kundalini yoga, and prayer.

Nicole: This is my 4th master cleanse and I’m excited to be doing it with Elizabeth this time. My main goal is to fit into this gorgeous Vera Wang dress for a black tie wedding in a few weeks. I am also looking forward to the benefits I have received in previous cleanses such as: heightened senses, less bloating, clearer and brighter skin, thicker hair, stronger nails, and more toned body. And of course to remove any food addictions/cravings and to feel better overall. I will be following  the general master cleanse plan which you can find

Week One Detox


Week One Detox Video- Sorry about the Wind


It always amazes me the way life takes its twists and turns. The way the universe and my higher power supports me and brings me what I need. Although, It may not always be what I want 😉 After going to see my holistic health practicer for an Iridology appointment I told her that maybe in the spring I would try her detox. I just did one and I didn’t feel ready to start a new one.  Or I din’t want to give up eating certain food that still comforted me. But I was having issues with  my lymphatic in my neck and I knew I needed to go deeper. So I made some concord grape juice and called her up and said lets do this! Then called my sister and told her I was going to clean her out of grapes. And finally did some journaling on what I wanted to accomplish on this detox.

Why do I want to Detox? To clean out my lymphatic; I feel clogged in my ears and gut. My ears have been itchy and my neck swollen. To ring out my body like a sponge. Plus it is concord grape season now and would have to wait till next fall to use them in my detox.

What else do I want to shed? I always want to release anything that no longer serves me emotionally. And I never know what is going to come up. But just being in the space of willingness to do work and process anything that comes up. Whatever I am holding onto in my throat chakra since that is my problem area right now.

Do I have any fears? I have the fear that I cannot complete this detox because it is longer than anything I have ever tried before. It is 14 weeks which would take me right through all the Holidays. So I am giving myself the goal of 7 weeks for right now. Then maybe I will try the 14 weeks in the late spring. Either way not having any judgments on what I can do.

Goals? Loose 10 to 15 pounds of Lymphatic Bloat that I still have in my neck and gut. To drink my grape juice , take my herbs, and to eat 100% raw everyday. For me those are attainable goals. Everyone is at different point of their journey. Cyndi did 30 days of only grape juice. But for your detox you may be eating a whole food diet like from Crazy Sex Diet. For someone coming off the Standard American diet that is a detox.

What else will I do to support me Detox? I want to re-read Raw Emotions by Angela Stokes and actually write in this journal a client gave me. I also signed up for a 7 week kundalini e-course to help break through all those old emotional patterns. Plus the normal Ionic Foot Bath, Infrared Heat, bodywork and energy work that helps me through my detoxes. I have also been taking a lot of classes and workshops and Soderworld which has been very healing.

What is my Plan? 


Rabbi Dr. Abraham on Dealing with Stress



Day 10 of my Detox


Last day of my Detox! I wanted to take this last day to talk about the master cleanser. It is a popular cleanser right now mostly because it is so simple. Not easy… but simple. The only time I tried using the master cleanse was maybe 6 or 7 years ago and I used it in conjunction with drinking juice. The reason I drink wheatgrass juice, vegetable juice, and coconut water while I am fasting is because I still am getting all my nutrients. My body  may not be getting any calories or fat or protein, but I still am getting all my micronutrients that my body needs to heal. The master cleanser is not providing you with all those nutrients. But it is a powerful cleanser, but mostly to the lymphatic & digestive system. While a juice fast will also cleanse all your other organs too. The master cleanser is also the only cleanser I’ve tried where shitting in your pants is common.  People literally said to me, “Don’t leave the house for the first few day…”.

So my verdict: It’s your body and your detox. Do what feels right for you. I do think adding the master cleanser to my detox did deepen my cleanse, but I wouldn’t only do the master cleanser. I also try to removed extra sugar from my body while detoxing and the master cleanser has maple syrup. But thats my body and my detox. Before it was an easy option to people who didn’t have a juicer, but now you can go to Marianos and buy cold pressed juice. I was there yesterday and they had 3 different brands!

master cleanser.jpg

Have you ever tried the master cleanser?

Day 9 of my Detox

Day 9 Video

Today I watched my favorite movie that helps support me during my fast: “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead”. This movie follows Joe Cross as he finds his way back to health by doing a 60 day juice fast. After watching that movie 3 days doesn’t seem so bad. 😉 The movie is very inspiring and he has a juice recipe which I recommend and make in today’s video. But there are dozens of juice recipes out there. The fruit juice recipes are the best tasting, but I reccomend that you stick to the vegetable juices. Your taste pallet will change over time. If you don’t have a juicer, you can pick up a FRESH green juice from a juice bar. Some grocery stores now have jucie bars. Plus now there are companies making clod pressed juice that can deliver to your home.

Joe’s Mean Green Juice

  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1 apples
  • 6  kale leaves
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 in (2.5 cm) piece of ginger

Buying a juicer: I have a Champion Juicer that I have had for almost ten years. I have played with a couple different juicers including the green star and Breville. The Green star is often found on craigslist because it is such a pain in the butt to use. The Breville doesnt extract as much juice and oxidizes faster. If I were to buy a juicer now I would pick the Hurom which is a slow masticating juicer and does wheatgrass. It is small, efficient, and can also make nutmilks, frozen banana ice-cream, and more. It runs around $400, but you can buy it refurbished for half off or there are many brands that are copying the Hurom slow masticating upright style. Choose wisely! is a great source to read reviews and buy your juicer.

Todays Protocol: Coffee enema, chlorella implant, epsom salt bath, wheatgrass shot, coconut water, tea, water, and mean green juice. 

Day 8 of my Detox

Day 8 Video

Shots! Shots! Shots! Everybody! 

Ok, Im probably the only person who thinks about wheatgrass shots when I hear that song. But today is day 1 of my juice fast and the first juice I drink is a wheatgrass shot. Followed by a chaser of fresh coconut water. No wheatgrass juice doesn’t taste that good, but neither does alcohol shots. But we do it cause it makes up feel good. Dr. Ann Wigmore wrote “The Wheatgrass Book” on all the benefits of wheatgrass. If you didn’t grow your own wheatgrass, get yourself to a juice bar or Jamba juice. Or you try a shot of E3Live which is a blue green algae that you can buy frozen online or at some health food stores.

In the Video I show you how to use a manual wheatgrass juicer and how to open up a YOUNG coconut. Young coconuts and mature coconuts are different. The young coconut still has all it’s water and the “meat” is not as thick or fatty. Coconut flakes are made from mature coconuts. A young coconut still has some of its white flesh around it, while a mature coconut is brown.   If you really love coconuts, you can also buy a coco jack to easily crack into them without chipping your knives (which i have done). You can buy young coconuts and larger trendy grocery stores like Whole Foods, Mariano’s, and pete’s fresh market. But you can also find them at asian grocery stores. If they don’t have them at your local grocery store, try asking them to order you a case which is usually 9 to 12 young coconuts.

Today’s protocol included a coffee enema, chlorella implant, castor oil pack, wheatgrass shot, coconut water, tea, water, and a green juice. 

Young Coconuts 

Have you tried wheatgrass or E3Live shots?

Day 7 of my Detox

Day 7 Video

Today is the 7th day of my detox, which tomorrow I will be starting my juice fast. So I made sure I had everything I would need to support me. Which includes organic coffee for an enema, chlorella for an implant, wheatgrass for juice, young coconuts, and any vegetables I would need for my mean green juice. Sometimes I have to go to a few different store if they are out of young coconuts.

I often get a question while people are on this detox, what are they do to if they simply don’t  want  to eat 100% raw food. Or rather, what can I eat if I want to cheat. First I would Continue reading “Day 7 of my Detox”